Aporostylis bifolia


Adenochilus gracilis
Slender Forest Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial rhizomatous herb. 5 to 20cm high. Slender. Has fleshy subterranean rhizomes instead of tubers.

LEAVES: One green leaf about a third to halfway up the flower stem. 1 - 2cm long, ovate to oblong with an acute tip. Non-flowering plants just have the leaf on a short stalk.

FLOWER: Solitary. 1 - 1.5cm in diameter. Dorsal sepal greenish, hooded. Lateral sepals and petals long and spreading, greenish-white or white, occasionally with red spots on the petals. Labellum shortly-clawed, white with red stripes or spots. Two rows of yellow calli usually run the length of the labellum. Labellum midlobe narrow.

FLOWERING TIME: December - January.

HABITAT: Montane to sub-alpine Beech and Podocarp forests.
Favours deep leaf litter beneath Beech trees, and sphagnum beside wetlands.

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