Winika cunninghamii


Winika cunninghamii
Winika, Pekapeka, Ladies' Slipper Orchid
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PLANT: Epiphytic. Stems cane-like, greenish-yellow to orange, and up to 1 metre long. Often intertwined. Outer parts of stems have numerous small branchlets.

LEAVES: Yellow-green to dark green. 3 - 5cm long by 3mm wide. Narrow-linear in shape.

FLOWERS: 2 - 2.5cm across. Perianth white. Labellum has pink or purple lateral lobes, and 4 or 5 longitudinal ridges in the centre that are often coloured yellow. Column yellow with the inner portion usually soft pink or purple.

FLOWERING TIME: December - January.

HABITAT: Coastal to montane well lit trunks and branches.
Occasionally seen on rocks and banks.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Threatened. Common.

NOTES: Previously known as Dendrobium cunninghamii.
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