Singularybas aestivalis


Singularybas "aestivalis"
Spider Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
2 to 3cm high when in flower.

LEAVES: Single leaf, thin, ovate - oblong. Usually veined and flecked with red or purple. The margins sometimes undulated.

FLOWERS: Either solitary or twin flowered. Flower above the leaf. Labellum dark crimson, 5 - 10mm long and forming a cylinder. Labellum has a round mouth and irregular prongs around the margin with a definitive bed of dark dentiform papillae. Lateral sepals and petals long, filiform. Petals shorter than the lateral sepals.

FLOWERING TIME: August - November.

HABITAT: Dry sunlit banks to damp shady places.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Not Recorded. Uncommon.

NOTES: Distinguished from Singularybas oblongus by a round mouth with a bed of dentiform papillae.
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