Simpliglottis valida


Simpliglottis valida
Syn: Chiloglottis valida
Large Bird Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
6 to 15cm high.

LEAVES: Two green leaves, usually lying directly opposite each other. 5 - 12cm long, oval.

FLOWER: Solitary. 2.5cm across. Greenish-purple, darkening to brown-purple as they mature. Labellum has one stalked, black tipped callus and one to several sessile calli either side and/or in front.

October - December.

HABITAT: Exotic forest plantations. Also recorded from Beech forest in Fiordland.

CONSERVATION STATUS: Non-Resident Native - Vagrant.

NOTES: An Australian species which has naturally spread to NZ. Does not set seed in NZ due to the lack of its natural pollinator wasp. However, it does spread vegetatively forming large colonies.
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