Drymoanthus adversus


Drymoanthus adversus
Green Fleshy Tree Orchid
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PLANT: Epiphytic. Stems to 5cm long, usually much less, erect. Roots very long fibrous rhizomes.

LEAVES: Dark green, often with purple markings. Fleshy. 6 cm long by 1.5cm wide. Arranged in 2 rows either side of the stem.

FLOWERS: Panicle to 4cm long with several flowers 3 - 4mm across. Greenish to white, with purple, red. or maroon flecks. Labellum cup-shaped and deeply channelled, with 2 prominent flattened calli on its upper surface.

FLOWERING TIME: October - November.

HABITAT: Lowland to sub-alpine well lit lichen covered trunks and branches. Occasionally found on rocks and cliff faces.

More common in the North Island than in the South Island.

NOTES: Often seen on fallen forest trees and branches.
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