Anzybas rotundifolius


Anzybas rotundifolius
Kauri Helmet Orchid
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PLANT: Terrestrial tuberous herb.
2 to 5cm high when in flower.

LEAVES: Single leaf. Up to 3.5 x 3cm, oblong-oval in shape.

FLOWER: Solitary. Flower well above the leaf. 1 - 1.5cm long. Flower a soft pink red. Has pink or white inward facing calli along the raised labellum midline, which are short near the apex, but much longer nearer the column. Labellum often striped with darker slightly raised veins. Tip of dorsal sepal not cleft as in Anzybas carsei. Petals and lateral sepals very short. Column upright.

FLOWERING TIME: June - August.

HABITAT: Scrub and light forest.

CONSERVATION STATUS: At Risk - Naturally Uncommon.

NOTES: Previously confused with Anzybas carsei and named Corybas unguiculatus.
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