NZ Native Orchid Group

Membership Activities


The New Zealand Native Orchid Group has members throughout New Zealand and some abroad who have a strong interest in the New Zealand Native Orchids.

The active members who engage in the observation, study and conservation of New Zealand's Native Orchids. Activities include:

  • Journal
  • The quarterly Journal provides a link betwen members and a forum to discuss new discoveries and report scientific changes. Journal reports often provide early reports of new discoveries that can lead to description new species.

  • AGM
  • The AGM is held between October and December at varying localities time to provide a good opportunity for a local field trip. It is usually held over a 3 day weekend.

  • Field trips
  • Although the main formal field trip coincides with the AGM, informal, local day trips may be held. Longer "tag along" trips may be advertised by email to explore areas over a week or so. These trips are informal and participants are expected to organise their own transport and accommodation.

  • Regional contacts
  • Some members have volunteered to provide a local contact to advise on suitable places to visit and can offer information on local flowering tims etc. They are located in:
    Far North
    Mid Northland
    Bay of Plenty
    East Coast
    Hawkes Bay
    Stewart Is

  • Other Societies
  • The society has links with thr Australasian Orchid Society (ANOS) and its regional (State) members. This provides access to their publications and can be useful if you intend too visit Australia.

  • Research
  • The society provides grants to support orchid taxonomy, particularly through student grants. There are often supervised through Te Papa by Carlos Lehnebach. Members often support research projects by providing relevant local information. Members also carry out investigations that are reported in the Journal.

  • Mapping
  • Since its inception the society has been active in mapping species distributions and recording flowering times. This resource in helping to find plants in flower.



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Annual Subscription Rates:

New Zealand Subscription with 4 printed Journals per year: $ 35.00 + p&p.
Overseas Subscription with 4 printed Journals per year: $ 55.00 + p&p.
Email Subscription: Journals emailed to you in PDF format: $ 15.00.
Subscription runs from 1st October - 30th September.