Journal Number 93
November 2005


Nematoceras forms from Nelson
By Trevor Lewis

Nematoceras forms from Nelson  

Trevor Lewis wrote from Nelson:

"Cathy Jones suggested I send you these
photos of Corybas trilobus. I took them on
our Nelson BotSoc field trip on Sunday 19th September.

These were the only Corybas we found that day, and were about halfway up Saddle Hill (locally known as The Doubles), Nelson.

I have also included a photo taken in November 2003 in beech forest in the Lower Wangapeka area.

We called this Corybas trilobus but I note in hindsight the leaf shape in particular is somewhat different."

I think the first two are Nematoceras triloba s.str.-
a September flowering plant, similar to N. hypogaea, but without its ragged labellar margin ("margins nearly entire" Hooker wrote in the original description), and with a rounder leaf.

The third looks very like the putative N. "Trotters " x N. macrantha hybrid found by Pat Enright (and tagged N. "mactaipos') flowering in November at two separate sites in the Wairarapa (see J81 p43, J82 p16), though the leaf is more trilobate here - Ed.




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