Journal 93

Journal Number 93
November 2004

Editor: Ian St George


Calochilus robertsonii at Iwitahi

British Orchids - David Lang
Early Marsh Orchid, Dactylorhiza incamata

Editorial - Ian St George
Taxonomy Made Easy
Corybas Variations
NZ Native Orchid List

Internet Notes
The Science of Scents 5: Specific Anosmia and Boronia Nose

Original Papers
Nematoceras "Pollok" - a new find for Awhitu - Tricia Aspin
Characters of N. "Pollok" - Bruce Irwin
Suspected Hybrid: Corybas iridescens x C trilobus - Bruce Irwin
A Tiny Corybas aff trilobus - Bruce Irwin

Historical Reprint
Lessons in Corybas Taxonomy - From Dransfield's Corybas West of Wallace's Line

Elementary - ED Hatch
Winter Flowering Greenhoods

Notes, News, Views, Letters, Questions, Comments
Agenda for NZNOG AGM
NZNOG Mapping Scheme revived
Brian Tyler shows how N. iridescens emerges
Pollination ecology of 4 NZ epiphytes (Carlos Lehnebach & Alastair Robertson)
Invitation to Manitoba
Our missing link
Thelymitra javanica
New kowhai Sophora molloyi
Gordon Sylvester's find
Mycorrhiza help reestablishmentof orchids in bauxite mines
Syntype of Earina autumnalis at Moscow
Pterostylis atriola site blown up in Tasmania
More orchid thieves
Orthoceras and Microtis are animals
Identifying orchids from pictures (and other lessons)
A possible hybrid between N. longipetalus and N. hypogaea
Trevor Lewis on Nematoceras forms from Nelson

Close Relations
Corybas pictus

The Column - Eric Scanlen
Gastrodia "Owhango" and Waireia stenopetala

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