Journal 104

Journal Number 104
August 2007

Editor: Ian St George


Stegostyla "minor" - Photo Georgina Upson

Editorial - Ian St George
Bruce Irwin's genius and our most ambitious publication yet
Acianthus sinclairii variations
Victorian Orchids
The posterior protruberance of the Pterostylis petal

Various Contrivances
Waireia stenopetala

Close Relations: Orchids Like Ours
Adelopetalum argyropum

Elementary - ED Hatch
Miscellaneous Terrestrials 2

Eponymous Orchids: Val Smith
Brian John Peter Molloy

Australian Notes - David McConachie
Recovery after burn-off near Mt Lofty
Small golden moths survey: Was it a success?

Historical Reprint
TF Cheeseman on Chiloglottis cornuta and Townsonia deflexa

Notes, News, Views, Letters, Questions, Comments
HB Matthews's photograph of Calochilus robertsonii
Eric Scanlen on Stegostyla "minor"
Mike Lusk's orchid finds
Bruce Irwin off to the Chatham's
Tricia Aspen on Danhatchia
Rob Suisted on Subantarctic Orchids
Graeme Hill's Orthoceras
Max Gibbs' fungus gnat photograph
Do stem hairs protect orchids from crawling predators
Thelymitra fuscolutea resolved
Early flowering Corunastylis pumila and year round Cryptostylis subulata
Acianthus sinclairii "var Hukatere"
Kathy Warbuton's Dunedin Gastrodia's
Trident anomaly in Pterostylis alobula
Eric Scanlen: some aff's no longer aff's
Albino Corybas cheesemanii

The Column - Eric Scanlen
Thelymitra fimbriata at Cave Creek
Mike Lusk's North Island Orchid SUPs
Queen's Park Orchids

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