Caladenia Bacon Creek


Caladenia "Bacon Creek"
White Fingers
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PLANT: Robust. Up to 25cm high when in flower. Stem covered in white glandular hairs with a tiny red gland at the tip of each hair.

LEAVES: Single leaf, linear and to about 12cm in length but quite narrow, usually only 4mm or less wide.

FLOWERS: 1 to 2, usually white but sometimes pale pink. Dorsal sepal stands almost erect in fully open flowers and the tip recurves. The other sepals and petals are narrow ovate with quite acute flattish tips that often turn down slightly. Outer surface covered in glandular hairs. Labellum weakly marked with red bars and blotches, with two rows of lamina calli, but has strays outside this toward the front of the central area. The midlobe is fringed with long stalked calli.

FLOWERING TIME: November - December.

HABITAT: Mature kanuka with very little broadleaf shrub association.

NOTES: So far only reported from the Nelson region.
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